Accept Bitcoin at Point-of-Sale

Integrate CryptoCurrency as an additional method of payment at E-commerce and Retail Point-of-Sale. The Retailer has an option to receive the payment in CryptoCurrency or Fiat (USD, ZAR or EUR).

How it Works

Step 1

A consumer selects a product/service to purchase.

Step 2

At POS, the selling price of the product/service is calculated in Bitcoin value, in real time.

Step 3

The consumer pays in Bitcoin or Altcoin to complete the purchase.

Step 4

The retailer receives the funds immediately in Crypto-Currency or Fiat (ZAR, USD, EUR) less processing fees.


Bitcoin Point of Sale

BlockGen Point-of-Sale app allows you to accept Bitcoin payments in your retail business using an Android or an iOS app on a smartphone or a tablet, or using any kind of internet enabled device with an internet browser.

E-commerce Plugins

Plugins, modules and extensions for various e-commerce shopping cart platforms allow you to integrate Bitcoin payments seamlessly into your existing online store.

Bitcoin Payment API

BlockGen Payment API allows you to integrate and accept Bitcoin payments on any online store with more customization.

Payment Buttons

BlockGen payment buttons allow you to accept Bitcoin donations and other simple payments on your website.

Benefits of Integration